DELTS Workout

In this vid I am showing you how to perform a great shoulder workout using only resistance bands! 🔥

For each exercice, I am giving you the number of sets, reps and the rest times to have.

We are going to see these movements:
- Lateral raises (for the side delt)
- Front raises (for the front delt)
- Inverted pec deck (for the rear delt)

BICEPS Workout

Today is the first video of my new playlist called "Exercices by muscles".

As you guessed it, I will show full workouts that you can reproduce for every muscle group, 100% with resistance band, 100% to make some quick gains! 🔥🔥

In this video I will present a full training volume for Biceps. In particular I will show you 4 exercices and give you the number of sets, reps and rest times you can do. The 4 mouvements are the following:
- Hammer curl
- Preacher curl
- Stretched curl
- Pronated curl

CHEST Workout

Here is a new video of our playlist "Exercices by muscles". As you know I show all the right mouvements to complete + the training volume and rest times 🧐
And as you know it by now too, everything that we do will be fully resistance band reliant! 💪🔥
Today we are focusing on chest training with 4 highly efficient exercices!
First of, we will proceed to banded push-ups, a key mouvement to target the medium portion of pectoralis muscles. Second we will execute flyes with a low cable, forcing our upper chest to activate strongly. Third is a classic horizontal chest fly, perfect to add more volume on the medium section of the chest. Lastly we will proceed to elevated banded push-ups, a great exercise to focus the work on the upper chest. This whole training can be done in one session or split into 2 or more trainings during the week.


This one is dedicated to hamstring workout! I will show you various exercices to activate them porperly and give you the sets, reps and rest time to consider.

3 exercices on the list:
- Deadlift
- Leg curl
- Bulgarian squat

CALVES Workout

Ever wanted to grow your calves using resistance bands only?

This video is made for you!! 😎

I will show you a nice complete workout for the calves with demonstrations of 3 top exercices and giving you the sets, reps and rest times to go with.

The 3 exercices are the following:
- Standed calves extensions
- Elevated calf extensions
- Seated calf extensions

10 compound movements with resistance bands (recommanded)

This one will put a focus on TRAPS with a full workout with bands! 🔥

I will show you the various movements and give you the number of sets, reps and rest time for each of them.

We will see the following exercices:
- Vertical rowing
- Shrugs
- 45° rowing

GLUTES Workout

Different exercices to check out and I give you the number of sets, reps and rest times: - Unilateral Romanian Deadlift
- Lateral Raises
- Donkey Kick

BACK Workout

Today we are seeing how we can get an excellent training for the back using only resistance bands! 💥

Many people think it is simply not possible, I will prove them wrong in this video where I will present different exercices to build mass!

As usual in this playlist "Exercices by muscles", I let you know the number of sets, reps and the rest time you need to be productive.

3 major mouvements displayed in this video:
- Bent over rowing
- Pulldown (classical)
- Straight arm pulldown

OBLIQUES workout

We're in for a new vid this time about the obliques, this important muscle group on the side of the belly 🔥

I'm showing you a complete workout dedicated to the obliques and letting you know what exercices to do, how many reps and sets, and how much time to rest overall.

We will see these mouvements in particular:
- Lateral crunches
- Rotation
- Step out

ABS Workout, 100% with bands

Guys, We're in for a new video this time dedicated to abs workout! 🔥

I am going to take you through 3 key exercices to get great abs using just a resistance band!

We will see:
- Classic crunches
- Kneeling crunches
- Cliffhanger, my favorite one ;) 

For each of them, I am showing you the mouvement and letting you know the sets, reps and rest time to have.

QUAD workout (100% with bands) 🦵

In this video I will take you through a full workout for the quads!

I will show you the following exercices and give you the reps, sets and rest times for each of them:
- Squat
- Split squat
- Bulgarian squat

Eveything to build big legs using just.... RESISTANCE BANDS!! 🔥🔥