20 seated exercices 🪑 UPPER body with bands! 💪  

Let's find out in this video how you can train while being seated on a chair with resistance bands! 🪑

This video takes you into upper body mouvements. Next video will take you into lower and abs exercices.

Today we are going to have a look at:
- bent over rowing
- vertical press
- horizontal cable fly
- Lateral raises
- front raises
- biceps curls
- triceps extensions
- and much more!

How to pick your resistance bands (for an intense workout) 💪

We're in for a new video in which I will explain how to select the right resistance band(s). It will depend on the muscle groups you are targetting, your own force, and the intensity you want to train with 💪🦵
The Small size band is a great choice to train your shoulders as they require light resistance (and high reps) mainly to grow. Front delts, lateral delts... the Small band will be a perfet suit! ✔
The Medium band is definately going to make it for small muscles like rear deltoide and biceps (one arm at a time). It is flexible and it's resistance will certainly match your strength.🧐
The Large band is the most versatile one, you can work out the upper and lower body with it, as long as you don't need too much of a charge. If I had only one band to take with me, that will be THE ONE! 😄
The XL band will be of great help to grow your legs and back. Exercices like the rowing (bent over-, vertical, horizontal or inclined) will be nicely accomplished with it 👌
Finally the toughest one, XXL, will be sensational to grow your lower body. Thighs, harmstings, glutes and calves will nicely respond with that strong ressitance. 

FULL training with resistance Bands 🔥💪

This one is a special video, I just shot one full training with resistance bands! 💥

Many of us wonder if we can actually get an intensed workout using bands only, you will be able to make your own opinion after watching this vid!

This is a FULL BODY training including the following exercices:
- banded Push-ups
- bent over Rowing
- Squat
- Hammer Curl
- vertical Triceps extension
- Lateral Raises
- Crunches

Bands VS Tubes: Comparison of 3 main aspects

The debate goes on about what is the best between resistance bands and tubes to build a strong body. Today we are settling this debate with a direct comparison of the two modes! ⚖
Primarily we will look into the maximum load that each system can offer. This is actually the most crucial point in order to progress long term. Bands can offer an overall 300LBS of charge whereas tubes only give us 100LBS total. So you guessed it, 1 big point for the bands! ✍
Secondly we can talk about confort of utilization. Tubes come with handles that make training quite confy. Bands can be grabbed directly by our hands (adding gloves if needed) and offer good confort. So 2 points can go for the tubes and 1 for the bands on this one. Lastly a crucial aspect when training with elastic devices is to be able to carry them out easily. It is the case with the tubes that can be passed over our shoulders when going for a run first, something you will hardly be able to do with tubes. So this point goes to the bands that can be carried out anywhere nicely.
Final score: Bands 3 - Tubes 2

10 compound movements with resistance bands (recommanded)

You thought you couldn't do compound movements with resistance bands?

Have a look at this video! I am presenting the most common 10 compound exercices realised 100% with resistance bands.

Choose your own resistance to make this work HEAVY!! 💪🦵

We will see for example:
- Squat
- Bent over rowing
- Vertical press
- Bench press
- Inclined/declined press
- Bulgarian squat
- Deadlift
- And much more 👊

10 seated exercices 🪑 LOWER BODY with bands 

In this video I will show you how to complete 10 lower body and abs exercices while seating and only with a resistance band! 🪑🦵

This is the second part of our series looking at the various seated-exercices we can do easily and productively at home! In this one we will see differents mouvements:

- leg extension
- leg curl
- crunches
- deadlift
- adduction
- lateral crunches
- abduction
- and more...

Oxygen fitness resistance bands

Today I take you through my choices when creating my own brand of resistance bands, Oxygen fitness.

I will explain to you what material I went for the bands (100% latex-made), the criteria for the door anchor and the important points regarding the carrier bag.

I hpoe you enjoy the tips in this video ! 

Adjusting the tension properly (secret to muscle growth) 

Many people get confused with resistance bands and feel it's not a good tool to practice with...

Why? Because too many of us don't know how to adjut proper tension to make training efficient!!

That's our topic of the day, I will give you my best tips on how to regulate the tension and get the workout you deserve! We will see some examples with curl movements, rowing and squat.

HIIT (outdoor version) 100% with resistance bands 💪

Please check out this HIIT training only with resistance bands.

For girls and boys!

Exercices :
- Squat
- Biceps curl
- Triceps extension
- Overhead press
- Rowing
- Russian twist
- Banded push ups...

HIIT with resistance bands (intense workout!) 💪

Happy to offer you today a full HIIT training 100% realised with resistance bands! 🔥🔥

To fix them into the door, make sure you get yourself a door anchor. You can check out my high quality ones ans much more on 💻

Here are some of the exercices being showed in this video:
- Vertical press
- Squat
- Half squat + curl
- Triceps extension
- Russian twist
- Unilateral rowing
- Banded push ups
- and others !